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ParkServe 1.0 is released! How far are you from a park?


The official version 1.0 of ParkServe is released!  Visit parkserve.tpl.org and look up your town or city.  The Trust for Public Land has mapped 13,913 urban communities – 85 percent of the population of the United States – and can show you where you’re nearest park is, what percentage of your community’s population is within a 10-minute walk and even includes the Park Evaluator tool to see how adding parks will help your community and it’s 10-minute walk score.


Want details on how we developed ParkServe?  We have answers on our methodology page.

We’re looking for feedback and input too, so if you see a park that is missing or is incomplete, please let us know.


Madison: 9 top ten rankings in 2017 City Park Facts

The City of Madison Parks and Recreation has nine top ten rankings in the 2017 edition of City Park Facts, which will be released Thursday, April 20, on www.tpl.org.

The Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence works to make cities more successful through the renewal and creation of parks for their social, ecological, and economic benefits to residents and visitors alike. To achieve this mission, we believe that residents, advocates, park professionals, planners, members of the media, decision-makers, and all those who love parks need solid data that elucidates the realities of urban park and recreation systems. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Madison is one the 100 largest US cities and ranked number 10 overall (tied with Cincinnati) in the 2016 edition of Parkscore.  But what is even more exciting is its individual rankings in nine out of the twenty categories that we are tracking:

  • #1 – 11.6 parks per 10,000 residents
  • #1 – 7.1 Playgrounds per 10,000 residents (173)
  • #1 – 9.8 Basketball hoops per 10,0000 residents (239)
  • #5 (Tie) – 4.1 off-leash dog parks (10)
  • #1 – 4.9 Beaches per 100,000 residents (12)
  • #3 – 3.0 Community Garden Plots per 1,000 residents (739)
  • #2 – 1.7 Pickleball courts per 20,000 residents (21)
  • #7 – 10.7 Volleyball nets per 100,000 residents (26)
  • #8 – 1.6 golf courses per 100,000 residents (4)

City Park Facts is a collboration between the many city, county, state and nonprofit parks agencies and conservancies that work with us to submit their data and we appreciate their continued help and involvement. The staff of the Center for City Park Excellence works to present this information in a thorough yet easy-to-use format, and your feedback is important for future editions. You can contact us at ccpe@tpl.org

Download City Park Facts here: www.tpl.org

Check out Parkscore rankings here: parkscore.tpl.org

Read City Parks Blog for updates on our work: cityparksblog.org

We’re tweeting City Park Facts: @CityParkFacts