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How many acres of parks are there in the 100 largest US cities?

We’re glad you asked!  There are over two2 million acres of parkland in the 100 largest cities, which collectively contain twenty percent of the population of the United States.


Further, these one hundred cities combined have a total of 11,455,651 acres, which means that the 2,055,324 acres of parks are 5.57 percent of the total acreage of those one hundred cities.

In the new 2017 City Park Facts report, we look at parkland in a number of ways, including:

  • Parkland by city and agency (pp. 4-10)
  • Parkland as a percentage of adjusted city area (p. 11)
  • Parkland per 1,000 residents by city (p. 12)
  • Parkland per 1,000 daytime occupants by city (p. 13)
  • Parks per 10,000 residents by city (p 14)

You can download this report for free on the Trust for Public Land website.

The Center for City Park Excellence is part of The Trust for Public Land, which creates parks and protects land for people. You can contact us at ccpe@tpl.org.

7,453 Miles of Parkland Bikeways


Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX

The growing popularity of bikeways (often called hike and bike trails or linear parks) in our parks continues to climb, based on our annual surveys for City Park Facts and Parkscore. Please note that parkland bikeways don’t include bike lanes, sidewalks and other on-street or off-street portions of a city bicycle network or system.

In terms of total miles Irvine leads the pack with 324 miles, Phoenix has 310 miles, Anchorage 295 miles, Scottsdale 269 miles, Jacksonville 244 miles, and Philadelphia 241 miles.


Grand Rounds Scenic Byway System, Minneapolis

In the Per 10,000 residents column, Number one is Irvine with 13.4 miles per 10,000 residents,  Scottsdale is second with 11.6 miles per 10,000 residents.  Third is Anchorage with 9.7 miles per 10,000 residents.


Beltline Map, Atlanta

Here are a few of our favorite bikeways, among hundreds to choose from.

Learn more about City Park trends in the 2017 edition of City Park Facts, coming in April to the Trust for Public Land website. If you have questions or comments about this or other city park facts, contact us at ccpe@tpl.org. The City Parks Blog is a joint project of the City Parks Alliance and the Trust for Public Land.