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Some news from around….

  • Steven Litt of the Cleveland Plain Dealer looks at the efforts of Indianapolis over the past 30 years to build a riverfront park, museums and other attractions to give the city a feeling of place.
  • The story behind the design of City Garden, the new downtown park that is the buzz of St. Louis, featured in Landscape Architecture magazine.
  • Ed Gleaser makes the point in the NY Times Economix blog that density is correlated with productivity, noting that “Humanity is a social species and our greatest gift is our ability to learn from one another. Cities thrive by enabling that learning, and they have become only more important as knowledge has become more valuable. Understanding what makes cities work is more important than ever.” We say that one thing is to provide great public spaces.
  • The plan for Governor’s Island in New York City from the NY Times; the city just reached a deal to take control of the island from the state and will push ahead with a plan that includes a 2.2-mile-long waterfront promenade and a 40-acre park.

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