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Livable Communities Task Force Formed

Earlier this month, Rep. Earl Blumenauer announced the creation of a congressional Livable Communities Task Force, with a mission to make the Federal Government a better partner with communities in their efforts to improve quality of life. The now group indicates that it will will promote Federal policies that:

  • Allow for local community involvement in government decisions at all levels;
  • Provide communities with the tools to solve their own local problems;
  • Promote cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions to infrastructure problems, thereby preserving and conserving resources;
  • Encourage multi-objective management — i.e., management choices that have multiple beneficial results;
  • Prepare communities to function in a global environment;
  • Coordinate transportation, housing, and environmental policies and investments; and
  • Focus on partnerships among and between local government, private companies, federal agencies, non-profits, and citizen groups for funding solutions.

As for parks, the group’s legislative agenda, at this point, includes the recently proposed program to invest “in the health, economic vitality and well-being of communities across this nation by providing safe and affordable places for recreation. The Act would provide federal assistance grants to rehabilitate and develop urban parks and community recreational infrastructure and for the continued investment in community programs, such as those aiding at-risk youth.” (The legislation was announced only earlier this month and now has 74 co-sponsors.)

Any effort to create livable communities means something to city parks, but some of the other notable agenda items include a bill to allow cities to revitalize abandoned property and a bill requiring 10 percent of (climate change) cap-and-trade revenues to go towards low-carbon transport such as bikeways. (Additional items in the future will likely be added.)

Kaid Benfield comments that though the group is a Democratic party-only effort, that this concern is “eminently flexible.”

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  1. […] recent initiative to give local actors more agency is the creation of the Livable Communities Task Force, a congressional group that will focus on partnering with community actors and planners on quality […]

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